Welcome to my website. I am involved with a number of organizations and projects. You can find out more about me at wiki.SarahCortes.is. For professional services, please go to InmanTechnologyIT.com and LinkedIn.com/in/SarahCortes. For other research, please go to PrivacyResearch.is.

You can contact me:

via email: scortes@ccs.neu.edu or sarah.cortes@post.harvard.edu (Optional: PGP Key: 226CCE21)
via chat: sarah@ipvtech.is 
(Optional: OTR Key Fingerprint: 407E6144 40622F8E 011A6D6C 67D8EB70 51F82E87)
via phone: 330-99-CYBER
via Skype: sarah_cortes
via Twitter: @SarahCortes

Hear me speak on IT Privacy Auditing in Orlando, Florida, USA at NACACS, ISACA’s North America Computer Audit, Control and Security (CACS) - Privacy Track
http://wiki.sarahcortes.is/ I'm speaking jointly with renowned privacy expert Rebecca Herold, the Privacy Professor
ISACA is the International Information Systems Audit and Control Association.